FA: Kaleb Thomas - 2014-05-11


Start as for accelerator, but trend right after you gain the arete and finish as per turtle island!

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    Always avoided it thinking it would be bad but was actually pretty good.
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    Actually kinda cool
  • V8
    Long arms DEFINITELY help with this. Hopped on to try the upper move, then sent first go from the bottom. REEEEAAACH
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    Cool climb! Start as for accelerator, but do a huge move out right after the third move, then traverse through good slopers into the pocket on turtle island, too out around the corner as for turtle island.
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    2014-05-11 (FA)
    Reallly psyched about this! Saw this last year while Matt worked accelerator and then broke the "Key" hold... Screwed around with it yesterday and after some solid cleaning figured out a new method with this reallly wide lock-off.