On top of the mesa below the Sparks wall. Stand start the obvious Wolf's head compression block. Slap up the overhang to a highball top out.
Officially called Best in Show FA by Tom Moulin 2007
"Rediscovered" by Chris Schulte and made famous in the video Bouldering on Sacred Lands as such it is more commonly known as Airwolf.

Recent Sendage:

  • V5
    not actually that hard but it is scaryyyy. gotta get used to the smears and friction for the heel hooks. if this were a lowball it'd be like v4—way easier physically than blankety blank at big bend, for instance. but it is airy and doesn't feel super secure up there. either way, definitely one of the best ever. bring a rope to get down...the downclimb off the back looks easy from the ground but is much spookier from the top, and the jump off seems probably fine but not worth the risk. there's an obvious notch that's been carved into the stone from people lowering off on the left side of the boulder if you're facing airwolf; find that and you're good.
  • V7
    Woah, what a boulder! My squeezey muscles haven’t been used for awhile but they got me up this thing! Would probably be V5 if the landing rose with you but because of the fear factor maybe V6/7... regardless, it’s incredible! Do it!!
  • V6
    Might be the best boulder problem I’ve ever done. Glorious feature in the best setting! Grade is reach dependant. Bring lots of pads this thing is really tall!
  • V6
    SO rad to tick this as my first climb in Indian Creek. I was fully prepared to step away from this climb because of the intimidation factor and my recent performance on highballs but the crew got me stoked!
  • V6
    sitting on a pedestal beneath sparks wall. Looks exactly like a wolf howling! Super obvious from the road. Maybe the best line ive ever done! 2 pads, a good spotter, and a rope to get down. it's amazing this exists. thanks to chris schulte for the vision!