West Forest

130 Boulder Problems


Currently the most established area in Sutton Pass with the most classic climbs.
There is some seriously good stuff out here. The ratings in this area are no joke, even if the names are.

Sutton Pass Guide

Directions / Travel Info:

Driving from Port Alberni, the boulders are on the right side of the road, approximately 3km after the Taylor River Rest Area. As soon as the lane splits into two lanes, one of the first power poles on your right will have a climbing shoe nailed to it. The support cable on this pole is anchored to the first West Forest boulder and marks the entrance.

There is limited space for parking on the south shoulder of the highway directly across from the entrance and 80m West also on the south shoulder of the highway. There is also a small pullout 400m towards Port Alberni on the north side of the road. The small pullout is generally safer and better for long term parking.

Clutch Info!
You can get cell service at the Taylor River Rest Area, and on the way to the Hydro project at around 49°17'23.2"N 125°18'31.0"W.
*See the Hydro Project Subarea for Directions*

Subarea Location Map

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