Suck Creek

10 Boulder Problems


Just outside of Chattannooga, there are amazing boulders in Suck Creek coming down from Prentice Cooper. The boulders are both obvious and hidden around the creek. Keep an eye out for sketchy locals and sketchier kayakers in winter!

Directions / Travel Info:

From Downtown Chattanooga:
US-27 North to the Signal Mtn/TN127 exit. Head north on TN127 like you're going to Signal Mtn. Instead of climbing up Signal, take the left onto TN27 (enough 27's yet?) as if you're going to T-Wall. Take the right onto Suck Creek Rd. There are pulloffs for parking. You'll have an easier time finding what you're looking for by watching folks Vimeo vids, or going there with someone who's been before.

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