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Directions / Travel Info:

At first, Brock Road looks like a driveway for several farms and it will seem that you are simply
driving onto someone’s farm (which, in fact, you are doing). At 1.3 km along Brock’s Road, just past
the main house on the hill on your left and some barns to your right, you will arrive at a closed gate.
See note above for passing through the gate. The road heads slightly uphill into a forest and becomes
a logging road. Here are some of the landmarks along this logging road:
 4.1/4.2 km - you will cross a hydro line.
 4.5 km - there will be a small road coming in from the right that leads to a hunt camp (this is
also the end of the ATV bypass road).
 4.6 km - the road will start to run along the Little White River. You will see a “smaller”
vertical cliff ahead of you. This is the Fortress. No rock routes on it yet.
 4.7 km - there is a small pull-out to the right. You can camp here on a rock outcrop next to
the river.
 4.9 km - on your left you will pass the Shower Stall Wall, a small ice climbing cliff on the
left side of the Fortress cliff (the ice is just visible through the trees in winter).
 5.0 km - you will be just below the main face of the Fortress, a smaller, steep cliff of red
 5.1 km - the road will turn sharply right.
 6 km - you will start to see a large cliff towering over the road and trees ahead of you. This is
the Shotgun Cliff.
 7.0/7.1 km - the nose of the Shotgun Cliff rises almost directly above the road.
 7.6 km - there is a bridge over a small creek (this is past the Shotgun Cliff).

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