San Cayetano

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The cave of San Cayetano is a premier sport climbing destination for climbers seeking a massive limestone cave filled with hanging stalactites and tufas. The climbing varies from vertical to dead horizontal ceiling climbing and has routes in all difficulty ranges. The climbing here is world-class and is a very unique style of climbing to only a few climbing areas in the world.

A lot of work has been done by Christian Ehlert to develop and bolt the area.

Directions / Travel Info:

From the old church in the first plaza, drive down Reforma (North West 34th Street) heading south. At the end of the paved road there is a dirt road leading straight between two pieces of properties. Park here or continue on this dirt road and park at the closed gate. Pass the gate and follow the trail until you reach a rocky hill with a gate. Take a left and immediately a right along the rock wall and follow the main trail for 15 minutes along the stone wall. Look out for a small cairn on your right, follow the trail that branches off right that leads you in between two hills. Hike into the valley. Follow the main trail down hill (part of it is a wash) until you reach the bottom of an old river bed. Hike up the trail across the riverbed for 5 more minutes to reach the top of the hill. San Cayetano is located at the top of this hill. Down climb the old ladder into the cave.

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