El salto

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Ciénega de Gonzales is a quiet little mountain town. The stores are only open Friday through Sunday. So bring supplies as it is more expensive up here. The main areas are easily accessed through 10-50 minutes hikes. La palma gets morning shade as well as the main areas. But afternoon shade come to the main areas as well after about 1-3pm depending on the time of the year. Hot in summer, cold in winter. Mosquitoes and gnats are an issue and there isn't much water in town. Tread lightly as there are many user groups in the area. The big side by sides are horrible. A nice change from Protrero and much better if you can climb above 5.11.

Directions / Travel Info:

From Monterrey head south on the main highway. Turn right at El Cercado and head up the mountain. Be careful as these roads can be one way and also have no shoulder dropping off into a river. Also the road is smooth so be extra careful if it is wet. Head into town and stop at Hanuman cafe.

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