Porcupine Fortress

11 Boulder Problems


Small but dense concentration of boulders a short walk off the road. There are some excellent problems here. Rarely visited, but worth the trip. With some love this area would be top-notch. Take a wire brush.

Additional info: http://www.cnsmobeta.ca/areas/porcupine-fortress and http://novascotiaclimb.tripod.com/guide_pf.html

Directions / Travel Info:

Bouldering on the Aspotogan Peninsula. Take highway 103 and get off on exit 6. Drive towards Hubbards. Take a right onto Hwy 329. Take a left onto Coleman Cove Rd and park. Walk back along Hwy 329, passing the lake on your right. You can see the cliff across the lake.The boulders are at the base of the cliff. At the first opportunity cross the ditch (beaver dam) and bushwack around the lake to the boulders. There is a faint trail which hopefully will get reflagged.

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