Perry Creek Boulders

29 Boulder Problems


High quality Quartzite boulders directly across from the 'Perry Creek' sport climbing area. Lots of awesome, steep problems exist in the small talus/rock slide adjacent to the parking area.
Although there are not many problems, the quality and density make it a worthwhile destination while travelling in the area.

There are an abundance of cool quartzite slopers, giant incuts and gymnastic climbing. The landings tend to be pretty good for talus (many have been extensively built up) and there is potential higher in the slide for more problems. As of summer 2020 there are about 30 problems.

There are not many bouldering areas in the Kimberly/Cranbrook region so this area will hopefully see more attention with the sharing of information.

Directions / Travel Info:

From the main parking area head into the talus on a well-defined trail for about 30 seconds to the start of the slide. Immediately in front of you is the excellent 'Bordercollie Blues' layback crack. Scramble up and around to the right of this (cairns) to the amazing 'Technicolour Dreamcoat' cave. For the 'Dragoon' boulder head immediately right (west) on easy to navigate trail just down to the unmistakeable boulder. 'Rainbow Butt Monkey' is just uphill to it's left (east). For the 'AAA' boulder and 'Tinted Glass' head across the grassy slopes 2 more minutes to the boulder hiding in the Aspen trees on the fringe of the talus below (flagged). Lastly, for 'Kootenay Cave Dweller' head immediately left from the start of the slide, around the huge boulder and it's just beyond hidden behind a small Aspen tree. There are more problems up above in the slide that will be included in the near future and certainly more potential with a bit of landing work. Enjoy!

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