Pass Creek

35 Sport Climbs, 8 Trad Climbs


The Rock:
Ranging from slab to overhangs, this rock represents more of the Castlegar goodness you know and love. Lots of unique features allow for steep overhanging routes to go at reasonable grades. The climbing sits about 350m higher in elevation than the Castlegar valley bottom, lending to crisp morning temps even on the hottest days. You can expect the sun to come around at about 1:30 PM.

Recent Climbing History:
We are still gathering info so we can document past work done by the pioneers. Folks like Gord Lindsay, Shawn Tasker, JT Croston, Cam Shute, Ian Macdonald and Mark Senyk (among many others) have been climbing here for decades. Please contact us with all info that you have. There is significant evidence of prior climbing ranging from old webbing & anchors, to bolts of various vintage. It’s safe to assume that any clean cracks have been climbed. Access has always been the limiting factor until recently. Stephen Senecal and I took a renewed interest in the area in the Fall of 2018, and plans were made to request access.
Trail Building to the bluffs began in earnest in Spring 2019, with Castlegar locals Andrew Osnach and Greg Mooney joining to explore the area and route the trail up to the Launch wall.
The first new modern sport routes (Arms race 11a and Facepalm 11c) were added to the area a few weeks after. The quality and quantity of the area was immediately apparent. Nic Williams, Jarrad Monger Andrew Osnach, Greg Mooney, Liam Barnes and Keith Story joined the action.
Always searching for futuristic lines, Nic Williams discovered the loft in the fall of 2019 (and its amazing horizontal roof flake), and dropped everything to establish this ultra-classic hard sport climb. Much to our surprise, the loft gave way to the highest concentration of moderate climbing at the bluffs (so far).
2020 brought the addition of the Picnic Bluff crags (Hawkeye, Craftbrew and Shadetree Crags). Allen Rollin and Jarrad Monger turned their attention to the obvious mixed lines at the Launch wall. Keith Robine and Nicolas P.I. added some great multipitch climbs. Lots of new sport and gear routes are in development, stay tuned!

Directions / Travel Info:

Access and red tape:
Access was granted on a trial basis in Spring 2019 to cross private land to access the bluffs, which are on crown land. This is based on a handshake and is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Access will remain touchy for the foreseeable future, and is pending ongoing community support. Threats to access include Noise, Parking, Dogs, Garbage, Liability and Fire risk. The following rules apply given the current situation.
- No climbing/bouldering until on crown land
- Park only at the pass creek hall (No overnight parking, avoid loitering/picnicking)
- Park well past the mailboxes up against the trees
- The owner has requested that we keep the start of the trail as obscure as possible
- Don’t bring your dog (This has become a significant access issue)
- Don’t #vanlife in Pass Creek neighborhoods or in any of our community spaces. There’s lots of campgrounds/rec sites/forest service roads around to explore

Parking and Trail Access
Day parking is ONLY at the pass creek Hall (1989 Pass Creek Road Castlegar) Do not park on Pass Creek Road or any other roads.
From there, walk south along Pass Creek Road toward Castlegar for a few minutes until a trail ducks left and into the forest directly beside a 40km/h sign. Follow this trail uphill for 15-20 minutes until you reach the launch wall.
As a developing crag, there are ropes hanging, and equipment stashed. Please do not remove. Future updated guides will be produced as more and more routes go up.
These are new routes: loose rock, ongoing development, runout sections and many other factors will require that you rely on your own skills and a heightened sense of safety at this crag. Climb at your own risk. If in any doubt, hire a rock guide.

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