Lac du Cap

3 Sport Climbs, 3 Trad Climbs

Description: edit

Le rocher est très varié allant de la fissure aux faces texturées ou non, avec toutes les inclinaisons. Quand vous grimpez au Lac du Cap, soyez conscient que vous êtes dans un endroit difficile d’accès et qu’une opération de secours ne se fait pas facilement.

There are now 63 climbable pitches and another 10 or so pitches as projects. But there’s still plenty to do! If you’d like to get involved in some way, contact one of the setters. And please respect the unfinished projects! The lake is for the EXCLUSIVE use of fishers and it is essential that we preserve its peace and quiet if we want to keep climbing here for years to come. NO climbing is allowed during hunting season. In fact, the whole reserve will be off-limits to everyone but hunters during that period (September 8 to October 5, 2018).

Directions / Travel Info: edit

Wherever you start from, get to route 131 and take it to St-Zénon.
- From the centre of St-Zénon, continue about 4 km on route 131 to Chemin Champagne.
- Turn right and follow the signs for Réserve Mastigouche.
- When you get to the entrance of the Reserve, you can pay your access fee and get a receipt (see below for more details on registration).


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