Jordan Harbour (Bridge)

16 Sport Climbs


The remains of an old train bridge that spans the Jordan Harbour. The area consists of a few stand alone pillars and a few that are connected by arches. Mainly bolted sport climbs with one or two man-made simulated ice climbs.

Area is described by Pillars & Arched Remains. Pillar One is the closest freestanding pillar, with numbers increasing further out into the water. The Arched Remains is in reference to the arch closest to the water.

There is currently no information on if this area is open, closed, or private property.

Information from this area has been pulled from As of the time of writing the website is down, so information is being added here so that it isn't lost.

Directions / Travel Info:

From QEW: Take exit 55 (Jordan Station) and then head south. Take a right shortly after onto Prince William St, then take the second right onto Martha St. Park at the end of the street & walk west alongside the train tracks. Caution, train tracks are still in use! There is plenty of room to walk a safe distance away from them.

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