The Highwood

67 Boulder Problems

Directions / Travel Info:

Getting There: The Drive

From Longview head west on Highway 40 and drive 43kms or for about 25-30 mins. The Trail begins at Junction Hill parking which is on the South (left-hand side if headed from Longview) side of the road.

If you drive past Highwood House or the winter gates for Highway 40 you have driven a KM or so to far.

GPS Pin for Parking: 50.383911288940176, -114.64304737038117

Google Maps URL for Parking:

Google Maps Street Address for Parking: AB-541, Longview, AB T0L 1H0

Getting There: The Hike

The Trail is not flagged and has several sections that are not clearly defined yet. But for the most part, the path is an obvious game trail.

From the parking cross to the north side of the road. There should be a culvert with a cairn on the Eastern side of the gulley / creek that drains into the culvert. A faint dirt path leads up the hill from here.

Follow this path that will climb slightly before side-hilling for several minutes, at the end of the side-hilling you will begin the steepest section of the approach where you walk straight up an exposed southern facing hillside. Once you top this hill and make it to tree cover bank east through trees across a gully and by a small spring. After this point, the trail is very well defined the whole way. Several switchbacks and a jaunt through a small meadow will lead you to the boulders.

GPS Pin for the Boulders: 50.38723434831556, -114.64175559712498

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