Harrison Bluffs

12 Sport Climbs, 19 Trad Climbs, 56 Boulder Problems


A set of south- and east-facing granite bluffs near the golf course between Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs. The climbing features slab, crack and face climbing on grippy, fine-grained stone featured with many xenolithic inclusions which weather to give pockets of all size from monodoight to head sized.

The Harrison Bluffs saw most of its traffic in the 1990's, but popularity died out somewhat and many routes became overgrown. Recently (2006+) climbers have been cleaning the area again to improve the mossy state of several climbs. Also several new routes are being cleaned. The rock in the area is very solid granite and it offers many nice slab and crack climbs ranging from 5.8'ish and up.

The developement of some boulders on the East and West sides of the bluffs has been on going since this revitalization of the area. Though the landings can be challenging there are some instant classics in here well worth the time and effort.

The climbing is at its best between March and November but is low-elevation enough to be good on sunny days through the winter. In general, weekdays are pretty quiet and weekends see up to a half dozen parties climbing. The range of grades is generally 5.8 and up and there are climbs up to 6 pitches long, plus extensive bouldering.

Directions / Travel Info:

From Agassiz take Harrison Hot Springs Rd. towards Harrison Hot Springs (HHS). The bluffs are visible as you enter Harrison (they are the big granite walls on your left as you come close HHS, just past the golf course) at the end of the golf course there is a small parking spot on the left side of the road. Park in front of the gate and hike to a small bridge across a slough (about 5 mins). At the far side of the bridge there is a path leading into the forest, follow the path and it will take you directly to the bottom of the lowest climbs. A trail extends along the base of the bluff heading east to gain access to the boulders through the forest. There is a FSR along the base of the bluff heading west that will lead you to (you guessed it!) the west boulders.

BC Hydro has recently (2013+) been working in the area while twinning the Trans Mountain Powerlines. With their recent activity, the gate has been left open and the bridges re-activated for the time being for people to park closer to the bluff. This is temporary and we have been informed that two of the bridges will be deactivated again once they are done in the area.

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