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93 Boulder Problems

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!!Access Concern!!
You will be crossing private land to access these boulders. Owners currently turn a blind eye. As always, be respectful as there is currently no access to this area that does not cross private property. Even though it appears people regularly dump garbage in the area does not mean it is condoned. Pack out what you brought in.

Take exit 160 off of Highway 1 and turn north towards Laidlaw/Hunter Creek Road. Turn Left onto Hunter Creek Road. Drive to the end of the road and park at the bottom of the short hill with a locked gate.
Walk past the gate and follow the main gravel road to the right, heading almost 180° back from where you parked. Continue along this road/path until you reach and obvious BC Hydro cut. There should be a rough gravel road heading into the trees. This is the driveway for the future cabin of the property owner. A faint trail off of the driveway will take you due east into the Arena boulders and beyond.

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