Gold Mine

186 Boulder Problems


Hi Everyone! Before I put down a better description for Gold Mine, firstly I'd like to introduce myself! My name is Brendan Baars, a climber from Michigan. I was a part of the main 3 guys that found and established Gold Mine and The Nooks. The Nooks is what we call the whole area and Gold Mine is just a sub area to the region.

I am writing this because Gold Mine has received so much attention from everyone in Ontario! I'm blown away with the response to the area and thank everyone that put in time and effort to maintain the trails and develop boulders for everyone while the pandemic kept us Michiganders out of Canada.

I have mainly been the leading charge for putting the information out there for everyone to enjoy and will continue to do so with everyone's help! I love to hear from people about their experience, especially if new boulders get developed! I would love for you to message me on Instagram (BrendanBaars). It is my goal to update and maintain the boulder information for a future small guidebook in the works as well as updated guidebooks in the future.


This area located near the Eyeball multi-pitch climbing area includes very easy access with short approaches to big boulder fields. Found in 2018, the general area has the potential for thousands of problems from V0-Vpro. As of now we have established something like 130+ problems in the main area called the gold mine and is located off a paved road with a 5-minute approach. The boulders range from 10' to 30' with mostly good landings and great proximity to one another.



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Check out Climb Sudbury for all details on how to get to Gold Mine

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