The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl makes a great cold weather crag. With temperatures just above freezing, calm winds, and a little bit of sun, the Dust Bowl can be quite comfortable.

Directions / Travel Info:

Take hwy 66 east from Bragg Creek until you reach Canyon Creek Road (about 16.5 km from the junction of hwy 22 and hwy 66). Turn right onto Canyon Creek Road and park near the closed gate. Expect approximately 50 minutes from Calgary, AB.

Park as for Ing’s Mine near the closed gate. Bike/walk just over four kilometers down the gravel road passing a bridge at 3.0 km and the last pipeline valve on your right at about 3.7 kilometers. The road is just slightly uphill the whole way making for a quick exit on a bike. The final approach trail is well defined but hard to see from the road. It starts 500 meters past the last pipeline valve on your right and is marked by a cairn and a bunch of tat. It’s a little further west of where you would think based on looking up at the wall. The trail makes a handful of steep(ish) switchbacks, cuts across a scree gully, and traverses at a low angle back across towards the Dust Bowl. Ten minutes from gravel road. Maybe 30 minutes from parking. Hide your bike well, as to lessen the temptation of an expeditious exit to passing cavers and hikers.

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