Cave Hill

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The large hill formation that dominates the skyline at the northern end of Skaha Bluffs has exposed rock on three of its four sides, but unfortunately lacks much in the way of quality climbing. Currently, the best reason to visit this area are to try the steep sport route 'Antaeus' (5.12d), check out the decent 5.11s on Lone Pine Wall or tunnel through the hill's slot-like caves, a rite-of-passage for all Skaha climbers despite being a non-climbing activity. Jericho Wall, the location of 'Antaeus,' is currently seeing new development, which may make this sector more of a destination in the near future.

The three aspects of Cave Hill have very different conditions: West-facing Jericho Wall gets afternoon sun, south facing Cave Hill Slab bakes for most of the day and east-facing Lone Pine Wall gest morning sun. None of these sectors has a forest at the base so shade is minimal.

Directions / Travel Info:

To reach Cave Hill Slabs and Lone Pine Wall, it's fastest to follow the approach directions for Oche Wall (see that section). From the north end of that crag, continue uphill avoiding a trail that branches off to the right. Cross the park boundary (sign) and continue hiking until the southeast corner of Cave Hill comes into view. If Jericho Wall is your target for the day, It's best to approach from Evergreen Drive via Kids' Cliff (30 minutes, see that section) and then take a trail up through talus shortly after passing Nether Land. This is faster than coming from the south via Doctors' Wall.

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