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This sector is the combination on two crags: east-facing Shortcut Cliff and west-facing Behemoth. Shortcut sports a few gear-protected cracks, but as it stands it's far from a destination spot. However, Behemoth has decent potential. So far there's a few quality routes in the 5.10-5.11 range, but that number could grow in the future. This cliff is close enough to Shortcut and the top end of Foreplay that a combination of crags is a reasonable plan.

Shortcut Cliff faces west and gets afternoon sun with no tree shade. Behemoth faces east and uphill, so it's in the sun in the morning.

Directions / Travel Info:

From the south end of Evergreen Drive, hike around the yellow gate on the left and quickly turn right to hike around a second yellow gate. Watch for a trail that breaks left and dips down beside a small pond. Follow this trail (Brian's Canoe Trail) southward through a brushy canyon until it merges with a dirt road. Walk uphill to a four-way road intersection and pick up another road on the far side thatr continues uphill to the southwest. At the crest of the hill, take a trail on the left and follow it uphill to Shortcut Cliff. To reach Behemoth, break right on a faint trail, which drops downhill along the cliffbase. These crags can also be reached via the Chatsworth approach, but it;s considerably longer.


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