Wall To Wall Carpet SDS – V12


Recent Sendage:

  • V11
    4 sessions total, 3 this year. Watching a video of Sander do this helped mucho in the mindset-beta. Mike punted off the last left hand crimp, because he is very psyched on the climb and wasn't ready for the process to be over. I, however, was, and somehow didn't drop the last few moves despite a terrible flash pump. Oh...scapular control for the win.
  • V11
    hard and awesome jump move to get to the stand! had to get really psyched for the last big move after epic'ing on it a few times.
  • V12
    V11/12 Three days...failing many times on the last move. another one that needs a second ascent. could be 8a+...saw a second, comfirmed at soft 8a+