Stained Glass – V10


Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    What a dream line! Looks so improbable with such a satisfying finish. Psyched to send in a few goes! The crystals...They whisper...
  • V10
    Crimping used to be a major weakness but now it feels like all I know how to do. Felt so goddamn hard a few months ago, but almost cruiser today (rested, with perfect skin and temps on my side). Almost. Got lucky and barely stuck the big move on the third attempt. Training works!
  • V10
    So stoked to have done this Buttermilk classic. That last hold feels sooooo far away (even for a tall guy!). Fun crimpy test piece.
  • V10
    Felt hard for me but that jug feels so good to grab!
  • V10
    tried the last move every season since winter 09, to learn i had to relearn. such great dance lessons