Seven Spanish Angels – V6


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  • V6
    Only took me one previous session before coming back after a rest day to send it first go. Had to use the shortie beta with the right hand gaston, left hand pinch bumped to the left hand crimp. Static all the way.
  • V6
    So good!
  • V6
    One of the best with a number of ways to climb it. Each is super fun!
  • V6
  • V6
    Amazing climb! // First trip to Bishop, sent 2nd go - Alex and I had 2 and a half days off, so we went out on a whim - the trip was a great success—fun climbing, fun hiking, fun camping. Humma enjoyed himself as well, though he had to sleep in our sleeping bags to stay warm. I was pretty sick, and had just spent 5 days gorging on pie and cracklin oat bran, so everything felt impossible, but fun was had! Also got on Get Carter and Soul Slinger (couldnt move off the pinch), and went up to the Druids on Sunday. So many great climbs! Will have to come back some day.