Plastic jesus – 5.12b

7 bolts


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12b
    3rd. Now to Save the Pushers ...
  • 5.12b
    I love the features on this climb, and how it's so 3-dimensional. You seriously twist every which way, and more than once, I was completely upside down. Savour the flavour of the amphitheater cause this climb is the ultra classic style!
  • 5.12b
    First 12, 5 tries over several sessions. Had to fight for it!
  • 5.12b
    had to get used to the horney style before this one went. leg got stuck in big hole on send which was quite interesting
  • 5.12b
    Felt like I was wrestling each try - frustratingly pumpy. Had to learn how to climb at Horne Lake before I could clip the chains.