Captain Crunch – 5.12b


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12c
    Ended up on this thing because I couldn't find a way to clip the bolt out right of the rap anchor on Troglodyte. What's up with that??! There used to be a bolt within reach but it's been pounded in and there's a new one that is a foot out of reach unless you hang out on a draw clipped to that rap anchor, but that kind of blows your send if you're pulling on bolts. If you climb into sequence you would have to do a mega cross-through clip off some sloping half-pad edge. Piss poor. Anyway, I went straight up on this route instead which was nails hard with ledge fall potential, tweaky holds and awkward clips. Easily as hard as all the other 12+'s I've done lately.
  • 5.12b