Bottom Feeder – 5.12d

26m / 85ft, 11 bolts


Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12d
    thanks Joel for the stoke level and encouragement, Nicole for inspiration on good footwork, and Jared for inspiration on dedication. the circus was not the usual circus, but a peaceful quiet day out. another great day out full of learning. super psyched!
  • 5.12d
    Pretty psyched to climb on 2nd go, very thin and technical, not my forte.
  • 5.12d
    Sent first go after not having been on it for like 2 months! Got through the crux very smoothly and had to keep my excitement down for the last bit. A truly classic endurance pitch.
  • 5.12d
  • 5.12d
    too many tries, too many falls near the chains