Simon Parton Sending Terremer, V15 (Video)

Simon Parton sent Terremer (V15) earlier this week. He just posted the video of his send on Facebook. The intensity of his battle cries give us no doubt he’s trying his hardest and that this problem is HARD! The video is low quality only because the wifi connection in Hueco is very bad, but we will update as soon as a newer version is out.

Simon Parton – TerremerThis is what I meant by next level try hard… I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed so hard on any hold as much as I did on the crux of Terremer. I was not about to let go as close as I was. The crux and the last few moves certainly got my adrenaline going. I get a little rambunctious at the top and it continued long after the video cuts out… :s

Unfortunately the video does miss the first move. Low low quality for now, the internet is very slow and sporadic at the Rock Ranch, 5MB was the biggest I could upload after many tries.

Terremer, Video by Sam Davis

Posted by Simon Parton on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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