Simon Parton Sends Terremer, V15

Photo: Tara Tilling

Simon Parton sent Terremer, V15 on his first day back to Hueco Tanks. This problem was originally put up by Fred Nicole and then later repeated by Paul Robinson, Daniel Woods and Dan Beall. It links Diaphanous Sea (V12) and Terre de Sienne (V14), both of which are crimpy, powerful problems.

Simon is from Vancouver, Canada and is now the 2nd Canadian to send V15.  This time last year, Simon sent The Swarm (V14). He’s proven that the overhanging crimpy problems are his forte. Simon still has 2 weeks left in Hueco so we’ll be watching him closely to see what else he ticks off.

Update (Dec 17): 

We’ve spoken briefly with Simon and he passed along a couple pictures. We also hope to have video soon Video here! Simon amazingly sent Terremer in just 1.5 hours! This is no surprise since back in 2010 Simon sent Terre de Sienne second try. He’s got his eyes on Nagual next, but he first needs to get a tour booked – someone find Simon a guide!

Simon Parton on Terremer (V15)

Simon Parton on Terremer (V15)

Photos by Tara Tilling

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