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      If you already have an account with the Sendage App (, but you’re logging in via Sendage Community for the first time, just make sure you choose one of the social login buttons (Facebook or Google). Specifically use the same social login that you used with the old login method. This should ensure that your account gets linked to the rest of the Sendage Community services.

      Once you login for the first time, you should receive a welcome email with your username. You have the option to also set a password by clicking a link in the email. If you go through these steps, you will also be able to access the same account with either your social login or with your username/password. Otherwise, just continue to access the App using your preferred social login.

      With your new account you will be able to post in the Forum, or leave comments on articles.

      If for any reason you are having issues, please let us know:

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