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    Hilary Street

    Hi Jamie — Here’s a way the problem filter could be improved:

    Example: If you enter “grand wall” you’ll get just Grand Wall Boulders results. Makes sense. But if you enter “squamish”, you’ll only get problems that haven’t yet been assigned to sub-areas and you won’t see those Grand Wall problems, even though Grand Wall is a sub-area of Squamish.

    I feel like if you type “squamish” you should see all Squamish problems including sub-areas. This would preserve the ability to specifically narrow down to “grand wall” and other sub-areas.

    Thanks for all the work on the site!

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    Jamie Chong

    I thought I had fixed this long ago! But perhaps something else is going on. Will investigate – thanks for reporting the issue!

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    Hilary Street

    Thanks Jamie! I should specify that this pertains to the filter on the My Sends page. I’m not sure if it also affects the main Search page filter.

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