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      Zach YZach Y

      Hey, here’s a list in no particular order of features that would be cool to have on here with no knowledge of how to implement them or how difficult they would be to implement. Also, I obviously love this website, I use it everyday.

      1. Personal flairs – Beside your name it could say what style of holds you like, or what style of climbing you like. Then when someone downgrades your sloper project, you can see that they like climbing on slopers so they’re probably biased and you shouldn’t feel bad.

      2. Hashtags for routes – Then you can filter by hashtags (#crimps, #slopers, #highball, etc..) to get a better sense of what climbs you want to do in an area.

      3. Remove the DISQUS integration, what even is this, I’m not making another account for something just to comment.

      4. Make it so you can comment directly onto someone’s send like a reddit thread. The person who logged the send would be able to moderate the comments on their send.

      5. Make a tier list of moderators that goes by area/subarea. Then whoever is a mod of a certain area can approve community contributions within that area.

      6. Make it harder for me to delete photos of climbs that I have uploaded. Whenever I am on mobile and I try and click on a photo that I’ve put up I always accidentally click the little X and the photo is just immediately gone forever.


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      Jamie Chong

      Thanks for the set of ideas Zach! Active development of new features on Sendage has certainly stalled. I’m toying with the idea of open sourcing the code base, but there’s a lot of up front work involved to make that happen!

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