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    I was curious if there was a way to correct a climb that is graded incorrectly? I believe I have been told that the grade is a result of how the sends are rated, but how would you fix the grade on a climb that has 0 sends, but has been entered incorrectly?

    If it helps, I am looking at Lolo Ferrari in Mont Orford. It is listed as a V5, but the guide says V4.

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    Jamie Chong

    Hi Misty, once some records a send for Lolo Ferrari, the system will update its grade to what that person logged (grades get updated every few days). If 2 or more people log sends, the system takes a consensus, which is basically an average of the reported grades. Sendage doesn’t attempt to sync up with local guidebooks. Since nobody has logged a send yet, the grade will remain as-is. If it really bothers you, log the send as V4 and wait for the system to update, then unlog it afterward. Hope that helps explain things better.

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