11 Gift Ideas for Climbers

You probably know a climber, but you may not know what they want this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas that most climbers will appreciate.

Climbing Shoes sportiva-python

All rock climbers need climbing shoes. Unless you’re shopping for a professional sponsored climber, consider buying shoes. Shoes will cost roughly $90–$170 and the popular brands are La Sportiva, Five Ten and Evolv. To make your job easy, rummage through the climbers bag and find the existing pair of shoes they regularly wear. Simply purchase the same brand, model and size. Done.

CamsCamelot Package

Many climbers are in the process of building up their rack of trad gear. They will be elated to have a shiny new piece of hardware added to their collection. The #1 Red Camelot is one of the staple pieces of protection that every crack climber needs. If you’re looking to spoil someone this year, consider a set of the popular sizes.

Belay Glassescu-belay-glasses

These funny looking glasses are a godsend to those that regularly sport climb (which means belaying). They help reduce neck fatigue from constantly looking up. This could be the gift that your climbing friend never knew she wanted, but won’t be able to live without. There are a few choices such as Belay Specs and Belaggles, but the CU Belay Glasses, which are imported from Europe are the best ones on the market.

Crash Padflashed-temple

Do you know a boulderer? If so, then ropes, cams, and harnesses mean nothing to him! Get him a crash pad. You can go full size for maximum highball protection, or an auxiliary pad to compliment his existing pad stash. But if this is his first pad, try the Flashed Temple, which may be the only pad he’ll ever need.


Every climber uses chalk, so this gift is guaranteed to be practical. There are plenty of brands to choose from, but Sendage recommends Flashed and Metolius chalk.

Climbing Ropemammut-infinity

Ropes are necessary for all route climbers. There are a ton of specs to decipher, but we recommend a versatile rope to be 70 meters long, 9.2mm–9.8mm, and have a half-way mark. We’ve had great experience with Mammut ropes so if you don’t want to spend time researching, think about the 70m Mammut Infinity Classic.

Rope Bagmetolius-rope-bag

If your climber doesn’t own a rope bag, she’s probably mastered the butterfly coil. However, a rope bag could be the best gift because it helps keep the climber’s expensive rope clean and easy to carry. We’ve tried a lot of rope bags and without hesitation we recommend the classic Metolius Ropemaster bag. It’s simple, durable and inexpensive.

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are full of pictures and articles that help inspire. A 12 month subscription is the gift that keeps on giving and who knows, the person you’re buying for could be featured in a future issue! Great magazines to consider are Gripped, Climbing and Rock & Ice.

Gym Passes

Many climbers like to train in the gym. If yours already frequents a climbing gym, top up her membership or purchase a 10-punch card for occasional use.

Guide Book

Do you know where their next road trip is planned? Get them psyched with the climbing area’s guidebook. Or even better, give the guide to the place they can’t stop dreaming about, but have yet to visit.

Gas Money

Climbers are notorious road warriors. They will drive 20 hours straight to get to the next climbing destination. While on the road trip they will spend as little as possible in order to maximize their time spent climbing. For the cost of a tank of gas, you could help a climber sustain another week of climbing!


Have you already purchased gifts for your climbing friends? If so, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. 

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