Windy City – 5.12a

25m / 82ft, 12 bolts

Description: edit

On Mr. Bojangles Wall. Before the trail reaches a fixed rope to get to the other section of the same sector. Right angling first part on 10+ terrain lead to a good rest and then 3 bolts get you into the headwall where the fun part is.

Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12a
    Windy and fun
  • 5.12a
    classic, sent on my third attempt (ground start)
  • 5.12a
    3rd go
  • 5.12a
    Birthday send! Fun route with lots going on. First section is 5.10D rest is a solid 12.a. Traverse is the main crux. Super fun moves. It's easy to get confused through the traverse. Many ways to get through it. Lots of pockets to choose from but make sure to be efficient. Another mini crux move after the main crux. Rest of the route is fun. Again lots of options for hands and feet. Don't miss the second last bolt. You can't see it from below. If you do it's a run out to the last bolt with a bit a crux move near the end. Fun first 12A. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to try a 12A for the first time.
  • 5.12a
    From the floor (not from hanging belay). So good!