The Rapture – 5.12c

8 bolts
FA: Mason Tessier - 2018-03-31

Description: edit

The extension to Book Of Revelation. Get established up above the anchors. Blank rock will have you praying for beta but in order to ascend you will need to have faith.

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  • 5.12b
    A visionary two bolt extension to the Book of Revelations. Grateful for his presence on my first beta burn... woes to those who do not have his grace, Cardinal Tessier, guiding them through their tribulations for the road to final deliverance will surely be a trying one. First redpoint go.
  • 5.12c
    Big time prayed for beta...Thankfully I put my faith his holiness Cardinal Tessier. I was righteously lifted from the evils of the corner and ascended to greatness!!! Awesome moves above the anchor of Book of Revelations.
  • 5.12c
    2018-03-31 (FA)
    A short section of fun technical climbing