Monkey Rail Direct – V6

Description: edit

Located to the right of Moneky Rail V6. Start with a right hand on a good crimp at chest height and a left gaston/ notch feature. Make a few crimpy moves, or dyno to the huge ledge. Finish up on the flat ledge. Grade varies on arm span.

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Recent Sendage:

  • V6
    Flash, but I had already done monkey rail so....
  • V6
    I found the direct easier than the left start even though graded harder. But I'm tall and it's a first move dyno.
  • V6
    Harder than the full line. I hit the lip before moving into the platform on the right. Seems to reduce the winger potential.
  • V6
    1st go
  • V7
    I don't think I can climb V6 right now and I got this within a few tries. Maybe it just suits my style :) Super fun!