Mittens McLean – V4

Description:   (under review)

Start seated under the obvious crack. Grab holds low in the crack, and then work your way to the lip.

Recent Sendage:

  • V4
    Why isn’t this easier?
  • V4
    Way better than I though to be honest! Starting low makes the problem much more interesting.
  • V4
  • V4
    If you start half way up the crack like the picture depicts on 27Crags it's basically 2 moves which I think goes at a V3.. Doing the low sit from first incut sidepulls adds 2 hard moves bumping this to V5 in my eyes..
  • V4
    Felt a whole lot easier than Slag Heap Warrior but apparently they share the same grade? Second go send missed the lip jug on the first attempt.