Jason Lives – 5.13a

22m / 72ft, 6 bolts


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  • 5.13a
    Such a classic, really happy about this one and everything flowing perfectly. Glad I didn't have to wait until next summer
  • 5.13a
    Funk yeah!
  • 5.13a
    My favourite line at Louise, which is saying something 'cause Louise hosts many of my all time favourites. Thanks to Sandro for convincing me to try this mega classic, Perry for the non-ass-shot pics, and to my wife for being my overflow camping companion and bestest belayer. Gonna miss that sexy finale dyno!
  • 5.13a
    Longest project to date. Glad I could send this rig before my summer of living in Lake Louise was over
  • 5.13a
    Felt so good to stick that monster huck! Such an amazing line with a few options in every hard section. Perfect blend of tecnical and powerful. Truely a major classic