Heat – 5.13d

30m / 98ft, 13 bolts

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  • 5.13d
    Finally, what a relief! Probably the most work I've put into a Big Show route. I was set on doing a static (and what I had hoped to be an easily repeatable) sequence. But after many attempts of falling at the same spot I decided to change my beta to something I had written off early on as "too low percentage"... Well I tried it twice on link and stuck it once! On to the big one now!
  • 5.13d
    Quick tick after Patience, entering the wall was awesome! Just one left!
  • 5.13d
    Tricky boulder problem off the slab to a no hands rest then full-on thuggery to the top. Maybe a bit easier than Division Bell? Quick send after doing Patience.
  • 5.13d
  • 5.13d
    I did it after doing Patience so it went down easily. Fun route!