Bucking Horse – 5.12b

33m / 108ft

Description: edit

Start left of the dirty flake. If you persist through the rotten bottom (you don’t need to write another comment on it...we KNOW!!) you’ll be rewarded with an endless stretch of great climbing above. Classic.

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  • 5.12b
  • 5.12b
    Apparently I tried it on top rope before but didn't remember that. Thought it was another. So I guess no insight but did it the first go on today thought it was an onsight. retroflash, was upset to see that I tried it when I went to update sendage because didn't remember doing it at all :( thought it was an real flash, Zach beta helped
  • 5.12b
    3rd shot. Found friction in the rain today. Great slopper crux in the middle, then manage the pump to the anchors on beaut stone. “Chacun voit midi a sa porte” Thanks Tom for the psyche!
  • 5.12b
    third go
  • 5.12b