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FA: dexterbateman - 2020-06-27


Middle of university wall. Starts on a hard boulder problem. Goes straight up. Don't blow at high dough/d'oh" is an expression Gord Downie's grandmother would use. A bit of wise matriarchal advice which suggests that "you shouldn't get ahead of yourself" or "don't walk before you crawl". The last move/s could be a heartbreaker.

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    2020-06-27 (FA)
    .I put in 6-7 bolts. Initially, Geoff Powter had (maybe) put in the first 4 bolts but then bolted a route to the right? I went up, found a route that went straight up and bolted it. Ended up being really good. I'd love it if others would give it a go and let me know what they think.