The Black Council – V11


Recent Sendage:

  • V11
    Freeman flash second day back on it. 5 star in my heart
  • V11
    First V11! Psyched!
  • V11
    Whaaaaa? Surprised myself and figured this out pretty quickly. A session last year and then today. Left knee bar beta for me. Psyched on possibly the best conditions possible in the forest. The slab section is kind of spooky....
  • V11
    Always nice to come back and send a problem that has shut me down in the past. Such a sick line. Used the kneebar to make the big span and a sneaky right kneebar to come out of it.
  • V11
    The toe hook beta is definitely one of the most unique and coolest moves I've pulled off. It took some major body positioning and tension and i barely stuck it, but it went and I'm so psyched!! Much spookier without a spot for sure. Such a sick boulder!