The 39 Steps – 5.12d

18m / 59ft, 6 bolts

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12d
    Sent the same day as Jingus - will keep the strategy of trying multiple projects at once. ;) Vertical power endurance.
  • 5.13a
    Woohoo! After trying a handful of times a season for 2 years, was able to get it 2nd go this year. Sent in dramatic fashion super numb with my right hand dry firing on the crux move and barely holding on. Super fun day up there feeling the psych with Beans!
  • 5.13a
    This route is incredible and every move is so fun to do. It helped to warm up my fingers well before getting on the climb so I wouldn’t numb out. The key for me was to keep my fingers relaxed and not over grip, move swiftly through the bottom, place my fingers really well in the shallow slopey crimp at the crux, and to put my left foot on this little diagonal smear about a foot to the left of my right foot to stick the crux move. Great route!
  • 5.12d
    Very fun.
  • 5.13a
    Best sandbag in the valley.