Riverbed Area

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Nanaimo River Flow Monitoring

*With a water level of 1.5m recorded at the monitoring station, the only lower river boulders underwater or partially underwater are Amphibian and Underwater Horse Massacre, everything else is climbable.

*Boulders actually in the river such as Clairvoyance, Fortune Cat, and Bass Hole are climbable at 0.6m. Serene is still underwater, not sure yet how low the river has to be before it is climbable.*

*The Dragon Claw boulder area is hard to predict. Big ponds form there when the river is high that take a while to dry up. Also this area can collect a lot of big logs and debris from the winter. It is best to ask someone who has been there recently if you are planning on making a trip just to climb around Dragon Claw.*

Nanaimo Bouldering Guide - WIP
Nanaimo River Bouldering Topo *updated 2021-07-30*

Directions / Travel Info:

Go down the same trail for Nanaimo River Sunnyside sport climbs and take a left at the first fork on the trail heading straight down to the river. Take a right here heading upstream through the cave to get to Dragon Claw, Genjitsu, Vital Essence, etc., or left heading downstream to go to Fight Milk and the rest of the riverbed boulders.
Alternatively, the trail heading downstream to the main swimming area leads to the far end of the riverbed boulders.
Climbs around Clairvoyance are best accessed by heading down into the river from Salmon Dance / Dragon Claw.


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