Heriot Ridge

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Description: edit

Heriot Ridge is located just north of Heriot Bay village on the height of land running north-south between Gowlland Harbour and Heriot Bay. A nice loop trail runs between the end of Hope Spring Road and the end of Thompson Road with several high lookouts along the way and connecting trails down to Gowlland Harbour and also to Hyacinthe Bay Road (the Brass B&B trail).

There is some interesting looking rock scattered along the ridge. Nothing very high, closer to bouldering height but the interesting character of the terrain and the rock features looks promising. Someone described it as a mini-Quadra Fontainebleau! Okay that might be a bit of a stretch but it is very pretty and the rock looks fun.

Directions / Travel Info: edit

To reach Quadra Island take the short 10 minute ferry from Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove. Once disembarked from the ferry follow the traffic up the hill and past the Q Cove shopping Plaza. Turn right at the 3-way Stop by the gas station and then quickly left onto West Road by the RCMP detachment. Continue on West Road for 5-6 minutes toward Heriot Bay. Turn left onto Hyacinthe Bay Road or left on Cramer Road which also joined Hyacinthe Bay Raod. Head north just about 1.5 km and turn left onto Hope Spring Road and then right onto Thompson Road. Park not he roadside near the signposted trail entrance. The best concentration of rock is within 10 to 20 minutes walk from the road.

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