Zen Flute – V10


Recent Sendage:

  • V10
    One of the coolest dynos! True classic
  • V10
    An unlikely send for me. Liam's send quadrupled my try-hard.
  • V10
    What a huck! Took some finagling but finally put it away.
  • V10
    I had no hopes in sending this when I first went to it and had just continued to try it every time we came to the boulder so I'd have something to do. However, after first being unable to even get in a position to make upwards movement on my first session, I slowly began getting closer and closer to the hold and decided to keep trying. Definitely an amazing feeling to stick the dyno. Sent this on our last night in Bishop after Kim told me "Ok, this is your last try...". So stoked! Definitely a Buttermilks classic.
  • V10
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