Summoning Sit – V12

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AKA: Summoning. Sit start up the squeezy prow. The stand up goes at V8

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  • V12
    Anonymous User
  • V12
    Anonymous User
  • V12
    Took 1 full session and a couple tries a couple days later. Haven't been able to get any 11's, so might as well try a 12. Came together quickly and lots of skin donating.
  • V12
    Great problem, so physical! Slap and squeeze. Definitely went to battle with this one. Actually slipped off the top when I was mantling and had to do it again! I was more careful the second time.
  • V11
    One of the very best in Squamish. So fun slapping and squeezing up this amazing feature. Another one, I'm sad to finish. The top out was wet which made for a very spicy exit. With crafty beta I really can't see how this could be a 12. It felt easier and came together quicker than most of the 11's I've done in Squamish.