The Stepping Stone – 5.13b

9 bolts

Description: edit

Located at the Lookout between Supermegadestroyer (5.13b) and the Power of Youth (5.12b).

PREP + FFA: Greg Tos, March 2016

From Greg's Blog:

Long ago I recognized that route development has given motivation and longevity to my climbing career. There is nothing boring about taking a chance on a piece of rock, setting up the hardware, discovering holds and sequences and then trying to put finishing touches by sending. The last aspect of route building, the sending, often offers many ups and downs and frustrations which most times set up the best highs and memories. The story of The Stepping Stone wouldn't be any different. What started as a search for a project for Irene soon became my own journey which could not end any better than with a head snapping fight to reach the chains. It has been a while since I have entered that place where nothing matters but the next hold, the next move. The brain unplugs and before you know it you are clipping the chains while wondering what just happened.

Recent Sendage: