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  • 5.12c
  • 5.12c
  • 5.12c
    Figured out some solid beta quickly which made it less frustrating to work. It's all about that boulder problem! Nice climbing up to there though!
  • 5.12c
    I've tried this a couple times over the years and always hated the crux. Got on today, planning to just climb the 5.11 start for my warm-up. When I arrived at the crux I decided I might as well try anyways. Quite pleased to have made it through to the top! First go of the year for me.
  • 5.12c
    So yeah. The Fish. Got on this and worked it seriously back in 2006 and 2007. Always ended in frustration and a split tip. I could do the move back then but had a hard time down low which burned me out for the top. I've gotten on it randomly over the years and it became an 11+ warmup to the crux this year. Until today when I kept going without really realizing it and was like "did I just do the crux?" Shit, I better start trying to finish this thing once and for all. BOOM!