Hanta Man – V8


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  • V7
    Painful, lowball, reachy, contrived, contortionist, fingerlocking bullshit. Probably my least favorite climb in all of Leavenworth.
  • V7
    Used a small-person kneebar through the big reach!
  • V8
    So many tries to figure the end out..
  • V8
    Lowball loveliness. Sequency technical roof climbing that is V7/V8 when executed perfectly. Get your beta polished if its feeling too tough! Climb it early or late in the day, crux move gets mid day sun directly as you crest the lip and is BLINDING...unless you have a sun blocker spotter with you.
  • V8
    Nice problem. Being in a cave it stays shaded. Sent after figuring out my beta and body positions that work for me. I guess a hold broke after it was down graded. Certainly felt harder than V7 but not V9 (original grade) even with a broken hold :)