GQ – 5.12d

30m / 98ft, 12 bolts

Description: edit

Start up Dr. Seuss's Wild Ride, or via the direct boulder problem. Varied climbing heads all the way to the tippy top.

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  • 5.12d
  • 5.12d
    Awesome enduro climbing
  • 5.12d
  • 5.12d
    Whohoo!!! Best climb in skaha! 7 goes
  • 5.12d
    Unquestionably the best route on Doctors wall. The direct sequence is super cool, while the traverse into the route seems sketchy and your missing some excellent climbing. This was a pretty epic send for me. As I approached the top, I was pumped, but I knew that if I kept my fighting face good and scrunched, I had it in the bag. I move up left, and mid movement my left hand slips off, and I lose my upward momentum. As I am desperately patting around for any little thing to help me up, my left foot blows, and miraculously, as I am peeling off, my left hand shoots out to a gaston undercling and I let out the biggest battle cry of my life. In maximum power, crisis mode, I manage to hold on. My forearms are completely flared from cranking myself back onto the route, and I just feel animalistic. The Doctor had gone in for the kill, but I was still standing. Growling onward, I manage to fight through an absolutely epic battle to get to the chains. SO SICK. My apologies to those at the crag. I got a little excited. Have not been this psyched in a long time!